Thank you to the Sea Wolf Adventurers and Crew

A heartfelt thanks to all of Sea Wolf’s guests and our crew for a wonderful adventuresome 2021 season.  Each of you and the crew very graciously followed our protocols enabling us  to provide you with an adventure of a lifetime. A few of my personal highlights as well of many of yours was paddling with both Humpback Whales and Orcas and even once off in the distance a swimming Brown bear. My heart sang at the return of our beloved Humpbacks, many of whom have been missing for several years. Not only have they returned but there were many new calves.   Thundering glaciers, the fragrance of meadows filled with Bog orchids,  multitudes of wild flowers swaying in the breeze, SE Alaska’s glorious snow capped peaks and our fauna of land and sea brought so much joy and a renewed strength to us all.

For an update on the Humpback Whales please check out Chris Gabrieles blog on the Glacier Bay website

Follow this blog to watch the Sea Wolf’s major deck refit this year. Oct-Feb,2021/2022