Why do we love May in Glacier Bay?

Glacier Bay has a maritime climate, heavily influenced by ocean currents. The result is mild winters and cool, moist summers near sea level.  April, May and June are usually the driest months of the year, has the least amount of visitors, very long days and the bears are down low grazing the beaches. The skies, seas and rocky shores are filled with birds seeking nesting grounds or resting on their northward migration. Need we say more about the wonders of Glacier Bay in May!

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2015 Winter Maintenance

The Sea Wolf crew (Kimber, Zach, Chuck, Beth, Chris & Hunter) are down in WA working with our shipwrights on the Sea Wolf’s winter maintenance projects.  We are  readying her for another incredible adventure season. It is hard to believe she will be 75 years old in 2016.  This year our shipwrights Bob and Mary Cunningham and assorted contractors are are re corking and adding fasteners, 10,000, to her lovely 3″ thick planks, many of which are original Doug Fir from her navy build.  We bought a standing dead Doug Fir tree in B.C. for future planking and her planned 2016 deck replacement. Zach & Chuck sorted through our 28,000 #’s of parts and miraculously found some original gears and pump (1941) that will bring her Hamilton diesel back to original configuration. This has been on our wish list for years :). Hunter will be joining us this week to start the project. Beth, Chris and Lara have been sanding, painting and varnishing until the good ship is glowing under all their love.painting her stem to stern and varnishing her beautiful woodwork. More photo’s to come.IMG_2136

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2014, Incredible People on Spectacular Adventures..

Drumroll………. For our Sea Wolf Adventures great guest and crew adventure photos. They are a forever memory of an incredible summer which by the way is no where near over :).  To see all albums visit the SEA WOLF GALLERY.



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Unbelievable Adventure, May-June 2013

A Big WOW for the weather , wildlife and great clients this spring. A rare day under 65, never a need for rain gear, wolves, bears and enormous calving’s from glaciers, icebergs everywhere and lots of laughter. Our Picasa albums will be updated tomorrow so be sure to check in the web to see all the amazing sights.   Continue reading

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It is almost spring…

The Sea Wolf is migrating up the coast along with the Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Arctic Terns, Gray Whales, Humpback Whales and many other species. Daffodils, Garlic and Crocus are all pushing thru the soil and the willows are budding. Only 3 weeks until we begin our season of amazing authentic adventures.  We look forward to adventuring with all of our guests.

Tell me what you think of our new Typography, our first phase of branding by Don Moore of “Imagine Moore”




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