Experience the Great Beat Rainforest- the Supernatural Coast!

Only 2 staterooms open in 2014 for a Sea Wolf Adventure Inside Passage Adventure of a lifetime! Discounts for Returning Adventurer’s.

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2014, Incredible People on Spectacular Adventures..

Drumroll………. For our Sea Wolf Adventures great guest and crew adventure photos. They are a forever memory of an incredible summer which by the way is no where near over :).  To see all albums visit the SEA WOLF GALLERY.



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Unbelievable Adventure, May-June 2013

A Big WOW for the weather , wildlife and great clients this spring. A rare day under 65, never a need for rain gear, wolves, bears and enormous calving’s from glaciers, icebergs everywhere and lots of laughter. Our Picasa albums will be updated tomorrow so be sure to check in the web to see all the amazing sights.  

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It is almost spring…

The Sea Wolf is migrating up the coast along with the Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Arctic Terns, Gray Whales, Humpback Whales and many other species. Daffodils, Garlic and Crocus are all pushing thru the soil and the willows are budding. Only 3 weeks until we begin our season of amazing authentic adventures.  We look forward to adventuring with all of our guests.

Tell me what you think of our new Typography, our first phase of branding by Don Moore of “Imagine Moore”




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Nature chose for a tool…

“Nature chose for a tool, not the earthquake or lightning to rend and split asunder, not the stormy torrent or eroding rain, but the tender snow-flowers noiselessly falling through unnumbered centuries.” by John Muir


Anchored off of Lituya Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park


Marjorie Glacier Calving

glacier bay 04 #1 221_1

Brown Bear at Reid Glacier


Majestic Johns Hopkins Glacier


How heavy is ice?




Looking down on Lamplough Glacier


Hiking at McBride Glacier


Paddling in the ice-Marjorie Glacier

Paddling by Lamplough Glacier

Marjorie Calving


Casement Glacier


Ice Caves


Paddling in the ice

Endicott Arm Ice berg


Dawes Glacier

001 thumbnail
026 thumbnail
glacier bay 04 #1 221_1 thumbnail
015 thumbnail
IMG_1176 thumbnail
IMG_1545 thumbnail
IMG_0623 thumbnail
IMG_4376_4 thumbnail
IMG_7298 thumbnail
Paddling by Lamplough Glacier thumbnail
D201206110462 thumbnail
D201206120204 thumbnail
IMG_0133 thumbnail
IMG_5405 thumbnail
IMG_6301 thumbnail


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Spring Birding in Glacier Bay

Over 350 species of birds pass over Glacier Bay Alaska in the spring with over 130 species staying to nest. If you love birds as well as other beautiful creatures May is the best time to  see the widest variety of migrants, vagrants and local birds. From Swans to Snow Geese to Sandhill Cranes to Lapland Longspurs to the loquacious Raven, spring migration is quite the spectacle. May 12-17, May 19-24 Excellent Birding, Bears & Whales.


American Bald Eagle


Migrating Sandhill Cranes


Common Murres


Migrating Snow Geese


Surf Scoter


Common Loon






Black Oystercatcher


Nesting Black Legged kittiwakes


Higher up is a Horned Puffin, lower is a Common Murre


Pelagic Cormorants


Tufted Puffin landing with a splash


Black Oystercatchers


Red Necked Phalaropes


Black-legged Kittiwakes


Juvenile Bald eagle

285-8555_IMG thumbnail
IMG_5783 thumbnail
IMG_6275 thumbnail
Slide068 thumbnail
IMG_4031 thumbnail
IMG_4055 thumbnail
IMG_4116 thumbnail
IMG_4354 thumbnail
5860101494_21cfeab768_b thumbnail
D201206090099 thumbnail
IMG_5471 thumbnail
IMG_5617 thumbnail
IMG_5639 thumbnail
IMG_5695 thumbnail
IMG_5958 thumbnail
IMG_6196 thumbnail
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Sunshine and beautiful historic boats :)

This morning a 1930’s former NOAAFisheries boat called the Pelican hauled out next to us, she sure is a lovely work boat. It was fun to learn the history of her research influence on the shrimp fishery in the Gulf of Mexico. The mountains are all out with their snowy peaks and the sailboat masts sparkling in the sunlight.  A great weather day in the yard. The crew is working hard and the Sea Wolf is reflecting their meticulous work. Wildlife sightings: same coyote-he has a torn ear, Red Wing Blackbirds , they are so brilliant in color, Rhinoceros Auklets, many ducks, a Kingfisher, Bald eagles and a Red tailed hawk.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” Keates

IMG_6709 IMG_6708 IMG_6686

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Seasonal Changes in Glacier Bay and Beyond- Focus on May

May is a special time in the bay for watching wildlife and birding. Flocks of birds either migrating to the arctic or to their nesting grounds here are still coming through or settling in to their nesting in the bay. Bears are down low on the beaches munching the spring shoots of the sedges and grasses. Mountain Goats with newborn kids scampering on the cliffs, personally this makes my heart stop but they are agile, even so young.  Moose still on the beach moraines eating on the new shoots of watery plants and horsetail. Did you know that horsetail has so much silica in it that it wears their teeth down quickly? I have used it to scrub pots when camping as it is so abrasive.  The weather is usually sunny and cool, less rain than the summer months and having the mountains still adorned with cornices of snow lend a special quality to your photographs. We saw some incredible avalanches and waterfalls last spring because of the heavy snow year. I wonder what this spring will bring- join us in May for the incredible springtime emergence and very special rates.

Black Oystercatcher

Black Oystercatcher



And the Observer today known as the Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf


fairweathercountry goats IMG_0795 wolvesmcbride

Black bear grazing sedges

Black bear grazing sedges

Hiking Riggs in early May


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Sea Wolf’s Annual Getting Ready for Spring

I cannot believe it is this time of the year again, where did winter go. The Sea Wolf’s 1941 Hamilton engine is newly rebuilt and thrumming along very happily thanks to engineers Zach and James.  We performed sea trials and then put her in dry dock. Jake & Roberto have been completing great shipwright projects and thanks to Dianna for her beautiful finish work. Joshua, Daryl and  Lara are working on painting the hull. We will be blogging the work going on, other Sea Wolf news as well as our critter sightings. Today, 1 Raccoon, 2 River Otters, 1 coyote, 3 Bald Eagles, Ravens, Glaucous Wing Gulls, 6 Brandt geese, many Buffleheads, Common and Hooded Mergansers, Great Blue Heron and Sanderlings; all seen from the boat sitting on the hard in Port Townsend, WA.

Jake reseating the stack with a new sill

Jake reseating the stack with a new sill

Zach saying sounds sweet-first start after rebuild

Zach saying sounds sweet-first start after rebuild

In the slings

In the slings

Sea Wolf on the hard

Sea Wolf on the hard

J prepping the rudder area

J prepping the rudder area

Lara sanding the hull

Lara sanding the hull

Dianna painting the new storeroom

Dianna painting the new storeroom

Daryl prepping the hull for painting

Daryl prepping the hull for painting

Daryl taping off the water line

Daryl taping off the water line

Lunch time?

Lunch time?

Jake cleaning up the anchor guard

Jake cleaning up the anchor guard

Joshua-Boss of the hull

Joshua-Boss of the hull crew

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Citizen Science on the Sea Wolf

Citizen Scientists are people concerned about the environment who choose to help make a difference locally, nationally and even on the Sea Wolf. They spend time outside- observing nature with a passion, and taking note of what they see to share with scientists and others who care.  Check out our new Citizen Science Page-Get Involved as you are an important part of the Fauna.

TBacker 36_2

Lituya Bay,Brown Bear Tracks-Yes, I would say they are here :)

Glacier Bay 5 007_1

Humpback Whales


Intertidal Paddle


Brown Bears on the beach


Edibles at Reid Glacier


Bergy bits

TBacker 36_2 thumbnail
Glacier Bay 5 007_1 thumbnail
IMG_2924 thumbnail
IMG_3165 thumbnail
IMG_4200 thumbnail
IMG_4214 thumbnail



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