Exploring Glacier Bay in May, Days 1-3

Glacier Bay in May is a truly magical time to explore this special wilderness.  The experience can be birding paradise as the lengthening days bring birds north from all over the world. Even if you aren’t a birder, you cannot help but to marvel at their abundance.  Brown and black bears have emerged from their dens and can often be seen roaming the beaches and tidal flats in search newly emerged vegetation to eat.  Mountain goats are drawn to lower elevations, also in search of spring growth.  Humpback whales have returned from their migration and this spring especially, are impressing biologists with their numbers.

This May, Sea Wolf Adventures naturalist Sean Neilson and his family take us along on their family boat the Seaquil as they explore the west arm of Glacier Bay National Park.  From Bartlett Cove, to Sundew Cove, to the end of Tarr Inlet – Sean captures beautiful footage of their adventure and shares a three part video (below).

We are impressed by children who are spending their childhoods with dynamic wilderness areas like Glacier Bay as their backyard.  Learn about the bay’s glacially carved landscapes from Neilson’s daughter Téa (12 years old), stand under a waterfall in full rain gear (boots and all!) with Skyler (9 years old), and paddle the swell brought on by a calving from the face of Margerie Glacier. Check out Day 4 of this exploration here.