Sea Wolf History and a 3 minute Tool Room Tour


The Sea Wolf (aka USS OBSERVER) had her 97′ hull laid in 1941 as a US Navy Harbor minesweeper. In 1947 she was decommissioned after serving as protection for San Francisco Bay. In the 1950’s she was purchased by the Krieger Family and used as the family’s private yacht. Douglas Oil acquired her in the 60’s as part of the purchase of Krieger Oil. She was found tied to a dock in the early 1980’s by another Alaskan charter company and was refitted as a charter vessel that was pivotal in moving forward legislation to protect the Tongass National Forest. They decided to refit another minesweeper that accommodated twice the passengers and sell the Observer, aka the Sea Wolf.   We found her for sale in 2003 and fell in love with her classic lines and history. She has traveled from Alaska to the Galapagos and is the perfect vessel for exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage wilderness waters from Glacier Bay, Alaska to the San Juan Islands.  This week, Sea Wolf Adventures engineer Joe Rush takes us on a tour of the immaculate tool room on the Sea Wolf – it’s no wonder she purrs like a kitten!