Guided Fly Fishing in Gustavus

Fly fishing is a type of angling that uses light-weight lures, or flies, to catch fish.  Many call it an art –  casting specialized weighted line on a fly rod and reel with a specially-honed type of casting technique to entice a fish to bite.  It can be done in fresh or salt water and in all different habitats such as ponds, lakes, rivers, open ocean and estuaries.  Enthusiasts of the art of fly fishing are a loyal bunch.  Tom Brokaw says “If fishing is like religion – then fly-fishing is high church.”

During the summer and fall salmon species such as sockeye, pink, chum, and coho as well as dolly varden and cut throat trout can be caught in the streams and rivers near Gustavus.  While these species are usually caught in the rivers by the standard spinning rod – they can be caught by a fly rod and usually put up a good fight.

Who misses Kimber?  (Answer: Everyone!)  Well, this week we bring to you Sea Wolf Adventures own Kimber Owen, as she gets fly-fishing instruction from local Gustavus guide Natalie Vaz.  Natalie, founder of Salmon River Sportfishing, grew up fishing the waters of Gustavus and has been guiding for the past 6 summers in the area.  Salmon River Sportfishing offers private and customizable guided fishing trips (fly rod and spinning rod) and kayaking trips out of Gustavus.  For Sea Wolf Adventures’ guests who want to spend some time in Gustavus on either end of your adventure and get an off-the-beaten-path, guided fly fishing in Gustavus experience, we recommend you check them out at