Covid Protocols updated 4/27/21

Updated April 27, 2021 /  Covid Protocols

We really appreciate the patience and cooperation shown by our guests, as we at Sea Wolf Adventures figure out what COVID actions for travelers are required, recommended and, in general, what practices are considered COVID safe. The language has not always been as clear as we would like and, as we are learning, it is ever-changing as vaccinations become more readily available. As we get ready for our first adventure of the season, we wanted to send out an update as to where things stand currently.

At this time, the State of Alaska is not requiring a negative COVID-19 test to arrive into the state but they do require that you sign up on the Alaska Covid Secure Traveler Portal and create a Travel Declaration. Although the state is not requiring a negative test upon arrival, they are strongly recommending testing within 72 hours prior to arrival into the state and complying with the recommendations as outlined on Sea Wolf Adventures is doing everything in our power to ensure a successful and safe operating season so we are still asking our guests to take a PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to arrival, or as close to 72 hours prior to arrival as possible. And follow the City of Gustavus Travel recommendations as outlined here.

After you have your negative test results (not before) please sign up on the Alaska Covid Secure Traveler Portal at and create an account and make your “Traveler Declaration” with the date you are scheduled to arrive into Alaska and upload your negative PCR test results. If you have not received your results by the time you arrive, you will still need to create a travel declaration. As things continue to change on the federal, state and local levels we advise you to bring a copy of your negative test result and a copy of vaccination records (if you received a vaccine).

Next, you will select “Generate Travel Voucher” filling out the form and putting the date of the day you disembark from your adventure. Doing this will allow you to seamlessly arrive to the airport on Friday (for Glacier Bay Adventures) after disembarkation and take your free follow-up test. We are requesting our passengers take the free follow-up test to further ensure safety to you, our crew and our communities. We will take you to the airport to get this free test, after your adventure disembarks. The creation of the travel portal account, generation of travel declarations and travel vouchers can be done when you arrive but it will save you time if you’ve done it prior to arrival.

Vaccine We emphatically encourage vaccines for all guests. These should be completed at least 2 weeks prior to your departure. The entire Sea Wolf crew is fully vaccinated at this time. We are asking on the Guest Info Forms that you notify us of your vaccination status so that we can better plan your adventure.

Self-Isolation Even if you have received your Covid-19 vaccination, all guests are highly encouraged to self-isolate for 10 days prior to departing home. Being a responsible adventurer means a successful voyage for you, your crew, and your fellow passengers. During the 10 days prior to departing home we highly encourage you to not introduce any new friends or family into your bubble (being those inside your household). During this time, we ask that you be vigilant in your mask-wearing and hand washing when isolation is not possible.

“Wash Your Hands, Wear A Mask, and Keep Your Distance” minimizes the spread of Covid-19 and other illnesses. Doing these three simple things have proven great success in the prevention of contracting the virus. We ask that you consider wearing an KN-95 mask and eye protection while on the plane and in the airport en route to Alaska to greatly reduce the risk of contracting the virus en route.

Masks Guests are expected to bring sufficient masks for the duration of the trip, but additional masks will be available onboard.

Pre Arrival The Annie Mae lodge will pick you up in a sanitized vehicle. We ask that you follow their and Sea Wolf Adventures protocols by social distancing from other guests at the Inn and by wearing a mask inside the Inn’s public spaces (unless dining or exploring outside) or staying in your room. Annie Mae has bikes for your use and there are beautiful areas to explore right from the door of the Inn!

We ask that you enjoy our wilderness and do not visit any galleries, stores or public town areas until you disembark the Sea Wolf.

Hand Sanitizers Everywhere! Please use them often.

Mask Use Per US Federal mandate, guests and crew are required to wear masks whenever in the interior of the vessel or within 6 feet of others outside of their bubble. Consuming food, drinks, and cabin time are notable exceptions to this requirement. Masks may be requested at other times as the situation dictates.

Hiking, beach walks, kayaking, and most off-vessel activities will not require masks if social distancing is honored. Most lunches, if not all, will be wonderful beach picnics.

Temperature readings and health monitoring while underway – Crew members and guests will have their temperatures taken before boarding and once every morning as well as a short questionnaire on Covid-19 symptoms. If someone records a temperature, then they and their cabin mate will quarantine in their cabin while they confer with the Alaska Public Health nurse. The current recommendation for a temperature is to quarantine 24 hours in cabin and to resume adventure when there is not a temperature present. If other symptoms appear or a temperature continues we will administer a rapid test and, depending where we are in the adventure, we will ask for a local commuter float plane to pick you and your cabin mate up for transport to Juneau for quarantine and medical checkup. If we are close to Bartlett Cove we will transit there, disembark the symptomatic passenger and transport them to a quarantine accommodation until transport to Juneau can be arranged. All arrangements and medical care costs are paid by the passenger(s). The rest of the guests and crew will undergo rapid testing before the continuation of sailing. We recommend to all our guests they consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical evacuations or consider a medevac insurance policy to safeguard against costs incurred should you need to seek medical attention. Two companies that offer this insurance are:

LifeMed Alaska                                                      and                  Guardian Flight                 

Sanitize Public Areas and Adventure Gear- Crew members sanitize touchpoints throughout the vessel at least every four hours. To the maximum extent possible, guests will be issued their own adventure and protective gear for use throughout the cruise (life jackets, boots, masks, etc.). Crew members will sanitize all common-use adventure and protective gear daily.

Meal Service- Drinks, snacks and meals will be served plated and served by our crew. Lunches we hope to serve on the beach unless the weather does not permit. Depending on the bubbles aboard and the number of guests we have we may have our normal seating, staggered dining times or serve in 2-3 areas.

Note: We will have rapid tests on board the Sea Wolf. If we are able to secure a sufficient number, we may ask everyone on board to please take one mid trip.