Sea Wolf Deck Replacement 2021/2022

We are so excited to be able to stay on our 10 year repair and maintenance plan even though we lost a year. This Haul Out our terrific shipwrights – Haven Boatworks  is replacing our main decks. This is a massive task and has been very interesting. There are 20 year old decks built over the original deck which is 80 years old.  So the team of Blaise, Korey, Colinn, Lou, Sam, Frank and I am sure others have been planning toward this day.  First steps, lifting the Sea Wolf in the 300 ton travel lift slings and parking her on land. Also called “Going on the Hard”. Second Step is giving her a good wash down – look at that shiny gold prop. Frank painted that with a very special paint that should keep the prop looking like this for 10 years.  Third step is to get her blocked up. 4th step was removing everything off of here decks including the bulwarks. Then the final before the deck demolition was building this epic house over the Sea Wolf to protect her soon to be exposed areas. The Haven Boatworks crew did such a fabulous job at this structure that it survived the recent hellacious rain and wind storm this week. It clocked gusts over 60 knots. Everything under the old decks was within expectations, some water rot, some iron rot and much of the frames and beams are still very solid thanks to Navy standards of build.