Sea Wolf Deck Replacement 2021/2022

We are so excited to be able to stay on our 10 year repair and maintenance plan even though we lost a year. This Haul Out our terrific shipwrights – Haven Boatworks  is replacing our main decks. This is a massive task and has been very interesting. There are 20 year old decks built over […]

Thank you to the Sea Wolf Adventurers and Crew

A heartfelt thanks to all of Sea Wolf’s guests and our crew for a wonderful adventuresome 2021 season.  Each of you and the crew very graciously followed our protocols enabling us  to provide you with an adventure of a lifetime. A few of my personal highlights as well of many of yours was paddling with […]

Sea Wolf Adventures to Require Vaccinations

Dear Adventurers,As Covid infections continue to surge across the country and in Alaska, the Sea Wolf Adventures team continue to keep a close eye on guest and crew safety.  The Delta variant brought a new level of vigilance in the way in which we continue to figure out how to live and adventure in this […]

Covid Protocols updated 4/27/21

Updated April 27, 2021 /  Covid Protocols We really appreciate the patience and cooperation shown by our guests, as we at Sea Wolf Adventures figure out what COVID actions for travelers are required, recommended and, in general, what practices are considered COVID safe. The language has not always been as clear as we would like […]


 Sea Wolf Adventures COVID-19 Protocols (updated 3.31.21) Alaska Traveler’s Portal – Signing up after you receive your negative PCR test result is a requirement for participating in a Sea Wolf Adventure and highly advised by the state of Alaska. All information on traveling to Alaska can be found there. After ,not before, you have […]

COVID-19 UPDATE; Traveling To Alaska

Sea Wolf Adventures is currently working on developing COVID-19 protocols for the vessel, crew and guests while on board.  With the 2021 operating season quickly approaching we want Sea Wolf Adventures’ guests to be aware of the protocols put in place by the state of Alaska when traveling by air, please see below.  We are […]

Sea Wolf Adventures not Affected by Canada Cruise Ship Ban

Sea Wolf Adventures is pleased to announce that we are NOT affected by the news that broke on Feb 4, 2021 that the Canadian Government issued an order that will prohibit cruise vessels in all Canadian waters until Feb 28, 2022 in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.  This ban only affects vessels […]

Humpback Songs

Sea Wolf Adventures’ naturalist Jenny Hahn has more than 30 years of wilderness travel under her boots and kayak hull – including kayaking solo from Ketchikan, Alaska to Washington.  Currently, she is a professor at Western Washington University’s Fairhaven College, teaching courses on Northwest wild food and the Salish Sea ecology.  Jenny guided her first […]

Guided Fly Fishing in Gustavus

Fly fishing is a type of angling that uses light-weight lures, or flies, to catch fish.  Many call it an art –  casting specialized weighted line on a fly rod and reel with a specially-honed type of casting technique to entice a fish to bite.  It can be done in fresh or salt water and […]

Sea Wolf History and a 3 minute Tool Room Tour

  The Sea Wolf (aka USS OBSERVER) had her 97′ hull laid in 1941 as a US Navy Harbor minesweeper. In 1947 she was decommissioned after serving as protection for San Francisco Bay. In the 1950’s she was purchased by the Krieger Family and used as the family’s private yacht. Douglas Oil acquired her in […]