Q: Your packing list says rain boots are crucial to have but I don’t have any!  Do I need to buy new boots?

A: No, we have you covered! We have all sizes of NEO’s Trekkers over shoes for guests to borrow for wet landings, rainy hikes or exiting kayaks on the shore.  NEO’s Trekkers is nifty footwear that fit over your hiking boots.  Check out more info on them here:

However, if you have rain boots that you are comfortable in feel free to bring them.

Q: The weather looks like it will be nice – do I really need to bring rain gear? 

A: Yes! Rain is always a possibility in Southeast Alaska.  A good quality rain jacket with a hood and pants are a must. 

Q: How should I dress on the Sea Wolf? Do I need to bring anything nice?

A: All you need for clothing on the Sea Wolf are good layers of non-cotton; light wool or poly-pro type of under layers, a fleece jacket and vest or something similar for warmth, and a warm hat and gloves. If the sun comes out it will be warm – or even hot!  You will want a lighter layer to be cool and a sun hat and sun glasses.  A pair of comfortable shoes for wearing aboard the boat and hiking boots or good trail shoes for adventuring on foot.   

Q: Do I need to pack sun screen and/or bug spray?

A: We do stock sun screen and bug spray for guests to use on board the Sea Wolf. Unless you have special products you love to use, you can leave yours at home. But if you do bring your own, just remember TSA will not allow you to fly with aerosols of any kind. 

Q: Do I need to bring soap, shampoo and conditioner? 
A: No – eco friendly soaps, shampoo and conditioners are provided for you.

Q: I really need to use a hair dryer – do I need to bring my own?
A: No – each stateroom has a hair dryer.


Q: Can I choose my own stateroom?

A: You may request a specific stateroom via email.  They are assigned on a first request basis.  Staterooms on the main deck #2 and #3 will be assigned to those with mobility restrictions.

Q: I’m really tall.  Is there a stateroom I should request that will offer a bed I will be more comfortable in?
A: Yes, stateroom #5 has the longest bunk.

Q: What are the bed configurations in the staterooms?

A: All staterooms have single over/under bunks.



Q: I have special dietary needs. I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, nuts, coconut, berries and eat a mostly vegan diet.  Can you accommodate this?

A: Absolutely!  The packet called “Guest Info Forms” that we email you to fill out and return to us is the best place to let us know about your special dietary requests.  Please be specific as you can with as much information as possible.  Our expert chefs review this- weeks in advance to plan their menus – so getting this info to us early is better! 

Q: Will alcohol be served?

A: A variety of beer and wine is served with dinner. If there are any specialty drinks you would like to have feel free to bring them with you.


Q: Can I smoke or vape on the Sea Wolf?

A: No – we are a non-smoking / non-vaping vessel. 

Q: Can I use marijuana products on the Sea Wolf?
A: No – the use of cannabis products are illegal in federal waters so please leave them at home. 

Q: We are a family with children hoping to book an adventure. Do you allow children on board?

A: Children of certain ages and experiences are welcomed as guests on the Sea Wolf.  We ask that you contact us first so we can further discuss your family’s adventure to be certain it will be a good experience for you and your children. 

Q: Will there be Wi-Fi or cell service available on the boat during my adventure?

A: No – sometimes you will go through spotty cell service but don’t count on it. There is no Wi-Fi capability on the boat.  Most of our guests are happy to leave it behind!

Q: What if there is an emergency with my family back home while I’m on my adventure? How can they get in contact with me?

A: Leave your family with our office email which is checked regularly, our home base team in Gustavus can usually get in touch with the boat via our inReach communication or satellite phone.

Q: I have sleep apnea.  Can I use my sleep apnea machine at night?

A: Yes – there is electricity available on the boat for this use at night.

Q: I noticed you book your staterooms based on double occupancy. I am a solo traveler – can I still book an adventure with you?
A: Email our office at to inquire about this possibility.  This type of booking often will require a single supplement which is 150% fare.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: No.  You may pay your invoice either by sending a check to our PO BOX 312 Gustavus, AK 99826 or wire funds directly to our bank.  Our bank account information is listed on your invoice.